Today President Joe Biden addressed the nation with his plans on 'ghost guns' along with other gun control measures and officially announce his nomination of Steve Dettlebach as Director of the BATF (Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco & Firearms). So how will Oklahoma be affected by Biden's latest gun control measures?

The new rules would change the current definition of firearms under federal law to include some parts, frames, and receivers. Which, by the way, lower receivers for rifles are already considered firearms and are serialized and require background checks already. So basically, it's primarily focused on handgun frames, part kits, and 3-D printing. So if you build your own firearm be it a handgun or rifle it has to be serialized.

Not only serialized but you must also perform a legal transfer and do a background check in order to possess the firearm or in this case frame and other parts that could be made into a firearm. President Biden is also expected to announce additional measures including changes to FFL (Federal Firearm License) procedures.

Like requiring all FFLs to permanently hold all background check information and records. In the past, these records were destroyed after 20 years but now must be kept for the entire time an FFL is valid. If an FFL holder closes down shop or doesn't renew their license those records are then submitted to the BATF.

Supposedly ghost guns are the new pandemic and there's a sweeping plague of these untraceable firearms all across the nation. There are estimates of 20,000 to 40,000 ghost guns that were used in crimes over the past couple of years. This is why these new gun control measures are being introduced. Sure, I believe that...

These are just a few of the measures that are coming out of the White House concerning gun control. I mean if the first couple hundred federal gun laws, not to mention the thousands of state gun laws couldn't do it. Why not throw a few more laws on the books for good measure? It's laughable and insulting. So once again here we are persecuting citizens instead of prosecuting criminals. When will these people learn?

Of course, in addition to all the 'ghost gun' measures, all the usual gun control talking points are present and on the table. From quote, unquote assault weapons ban, high capacity magazine ban to expanded background checks...AKA national gun registry. Yep, they're all being discussed and worse, considered.

So what does all this mean for Oklahoma? Luckily we live in a state whose elected officials recognize, uphold, and defend our right to keep and bear arms. Oklahoma is also a Second Amendment Sanctuary state after passing (SB-631). Our state government has basically told the feds that we won't abide, adhere to, or enforce any additional gun control or other forms of infringement on our 2-A rights. Click here to read (SB-631).

So will (SB-631) hold up and will state officials back up what they've passed? That's the question and there are more than a few questions on how (SB-631) can be applied when in opposition to federal laws and executive orders. It's spelled out pretty plainly in the bill/act but in the real world what will happen? The specific section of (SB-631) that applies to what's currently happening is found in section D and it states:

"D. The preemption provided in this act shall include:

1. Any regulation of arms and ammunition, pursuant to the National Firearms Act of 1934, prohibited or regulated on or after the effective date of this act; and

2. Any regulations or provision of the Gun Control Act of 1968, prohibited or regulated on or after the effective date of this act."

So what does all this mean and how will Biden's latest gun control measures affect Oklahoma? In short, it shouldn't. At least if our elected officials meant what they said when they passed the 2-A Sanctuary Act.

As you can imagine the 'ghost gun' and other gun control measures introduced today will be opposed by gun rights groups like the OK2A (Oklahoma 2nd Amendment Association) along with the GOA (Guin Owners of America) and the NRA (National Rifle Association). Even now the courts are readying for the coming lawsuits and litigation that will occur as soon as it's announced, much less enforced. You can't just go in and amend federal law and definitions without the proper legislative process. U.S. Constitution, ever heard of it?

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