Not that I'd ever condone breaking such a taboo, but there is an art to sneaking your own food into the movies. I remember getting 25 minutes into Endgame when the sweetest smokey aroma of BBQ came wafting across my seat. The guy two rows down honestly whipped out what looked like a full rack of ribs. It was both hilarious and amazing. Again, not that I'd recommend it... But you can't hate on a dude that brings BBQ to the movies right?

Luckily, the food prices at our local IMAX are pretty decent. The popcorn, candy, and drinks may still be hyper-inflated, so I wouldn't feel too bad about bringing your own dollar store candies... but their hot food is right in line with any other fast food joint in town. Keep in mind, AMC has a rule against bringing in outside food... but rules aren't laws, so at most, you'd just be inconsiderate of a struggling business.

So here's the real question... What do you think you could successfully smuggle into a theater? When the Carmike 8 was still Carmike, I remember seeing Whataburger and Wayne's bags in the trash can while leaving the auditorium. When Jack was managing the place, he used to let us in for free, so I practically lived at that theater year round. I don't think there was a single movie I didn't see in theaters for four or five years. They weren't all good, but they were entertainment enough. In that time, I've seen some things. Lots of families busting out tupperware as the lights came down, passing plastic utensils and napkins around. It really was hilarious. Since tickets were essentially free back then, I didn't mind shelling out cash for the overpriced snacks. It was the right thing to do. Now it seems more like a game of cat & mouse.

While I wouldn't suggest trying to smuggle in a whole pizza, nobody will question where you actually bought that identical box of dollar store candy.