Townsquare Media is currently at the Sheridan Road Sams/Wal-Mart Parking lot taking in any donations from Food, Diapers, Pet supplies, toiletries. We are also accepting monetary donations where all money donated will go towards the Moore Tornado Relief Effort.

We just filled up our first truck from Comanche Home Center and our second truck from Jay Kinder has just pulled up and we are loading it up now.

Special thanks to Comanche Home Center and Jay Kinder for the truck as well as Sam's Club and Wal-Mart for the use of their parking lot!

A very special thanks to everyone that has not let the rain stop them to come out and donate supplies and money. A lot of our donors have chosen to remain anonymous as they bring carts filled with food and water and just walk away wanting no recognition of their wonderful effort.

Update: As of right now we no longer need water donations. You can see the full list of donations at

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