The state of Oklahoma is considering doing away with the sales tax on groceries. At this time the Sooner State is only one of thirteen states that still puts a sales tax on groceries, it's around 4.5%. So most of the country isn't taxing people for grocery items, although some states still tax ready made food items. While 4.5% doesn't sound like a lot it would definitely help a lot of Oklahomans when it comes to their grocery bill.

Nothing is official right now, but state legislators on both sides of the aisles are in agreeance, for the most part, and seem to be supporting the idea. This could be a piece of legislation that both parties work on together in a bi-partisan effort to make a really positive change in the state. By doing this it would certainly help Oklahomans and even help stimulate the economy and provide economic growth within the state.

Oklahoma lawmakers have agreed that a study needs to be done to see how this could potentially impact both positivity and negatively citizens and the state. I know just like me you're probably thinking "So will they end up moving that tax to something else?" Well that's the big question and honestly they don't know yet. But I'd be willing to bet they do, or at least that seems to be the track record anyway. The biggest problem with this is the tax revenues collected from grocery sales taxes are used to fund everything from education to city and county needs. We'll keep you posted.

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