Throughout the course of Oklahoma's storied past, one Sooner State original that has grown to see nationwide acceptance is Sonic Drive-In. Started humbly in Shawnee as a place to drive up and snatch a burger and coke, it's grown predominantly all over the Southern United States, but you'll find a Sonic in nearly every state including Alaska in 2021. Hawaii and the far Northeastern states are yet to be conquered.

While I personally think Sonic's burgers are among the worst you can purchase pretty much anywhere across the world, their signature dishes in my mind are a little different, and it revolves around their awesome chili.

Known for their regular and footlong chili-cheese coney, chili and cheese topped sides, and corn dogs on demand, there is another... The Frito chili pie.

While they may offer the Frito chili burrito thing nationwide right now, not every Sonic location offers a Frito chili pie. I know if I want one, I have to drive down to the Lee Boulevard location to get it. That's not to say the other three Lawton locations don't offer it, I've just always gone to the Lee Boulevard store.

I'm already off-topic talking about Frito chili pies...

Every year, Sonic picks out a few individual days to offer up their items on sale. In the past, Sonic hosts a dollar hot dog day where you can order up endless regular chili cheese coneys for just a dollar. It has historically happened in late summer - being the "dog days" of the season - but this year is was less than a month ago on November 18th. Oddly enough, dollar corn dog day is today, December 9th, where you can suck those things down for just a buck.


If you'll take notice, because I've had this debate so many times... Sonic, being the corn dog expert in the nation, is advertising their battered weiners to be consumed with ketchup rather than mustard... Some say this is incorrect, but who are they to argue with the corn dog giant?

Sure, the Heinz logo is most likely there because Heinz probably paid to have their logo there, but there is no better way to chow down on a corn dog than with sweet tangy ketchup. That's not to say mustard doesn't belong on a hot dog, it does... but this ain't no hot dog, and America does it the way America does. No shame in tossing a little mustard on there, just know that's the German way and they were once Nazi's. Don't be a Nazi, skip the mustard.

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