We live in a time where it is vogue and fashionable to be overly sensitive and upset at everything. There are thousands of case studies out there, google it and you'll read peer reviewed publications that solidify that thought. And I think that every person suffers from it at some point. I'm no different. I get upset sometimes too, but it's usually warranted and for a logical reason. Others, as I'm sure you'll agree, are very different.

A few days ago, after seeing a safety video about cycling in the 1930's, I let my mind wander across memories of cyclist encounters and tales I've heard. Let's admit it, nobody ever hears about that time they saw a bicyclist respecting the rules of the road... It's almost never a positive tale. In an attempt to play moderate between those who love cycling, and those who don't like cyclists, I introduced a devils advocate train of thought.

Here's the recap in case you missed it...

If you choose to ride your bicycle on a heavily trafficked road, you can't really be surprised when accidents happen.

It's a law of averages. You don't get statistics on things by just assuming something can happen. Things actually happen. I thought this was akin to 'If you play with fire, you'll eventually get burned,' but I was wrong. It was apparently too logical. I'm also not "picking" on cyclists. There's no doubt there are a ton of bad drivers out there too that can't seem to respectfully interact with bikers. Given the law of average, there's no telling what the ratio is of rude cyclists to rude drivers. Every population has their small group of people that probably can't quietly read without moving their lips.

Take a drive through the refuge just about any day of the week and you'll likely have an encounter with one or more cyclists rolling down the road, boringly being a good person and offering the same road-respect in kind. Regardless, I've incurred the wrath of the most sensitive bikers I've ever had correspondence with. A rabid 'Paper Tiger' group of cycling enthusiasts that blanket statement defend any and all bicycling adventures, regardless of right and wrong.

Given the nature of their comments, social media influence, and one hilariously pathetic strongly worded email that proves you can use a thesaurus on every.single.word... I have really struck a nerve with half a dozen bicycling enthusiasts that have trouble comprehending the language. I don't blame them for their failure though. It's more a condemnation of the public school system.

I think it's appropriate to advocate sharing of the road. That doesn't mean drivers have to give you a part of the road... It means we can all coexist. (that means we can play nice)

Be sure to come back next week when we all learn together about sharing.

If you're a polite cyclist out and about enjoying your hobby, you probably found the humor and reason in it. Keep doing your thing.

If you're not a polite cyclist, you're probably gonna hate this...

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