How this topic got brought up at the water cooler I'll honestly never know. The question was asked, "Is it illegal in Oklahoma to do it in a vehicle?" Thank God no one from H.R. was nearby when this was asked.


I guess it's a question worth finding an answer to, especially if you're one of "those kind" of people. Not that I'm judging. However, if you're asking you obviously haven't been caught, yet. So what if you do get caught?

The answer may surprise you, unless of course you've already been caught in the act. Oh sure, you could say you looked it up or just knew the laws, but let's be honest. If you know you've more than likely been busted.

There are no specific state laws that address "doing it" in a vehicle but your city or town may have codes or laws that prohibit it. But if you're "doing it" in a public area or where people can see you then it's a problem.

Hit play on the video below to learn more about the legalities of "doing it" in a vehicle

The video above covers the topic in a quick (:16) seconds and is one of the few videos on YouTube that discusses the legalities of "doing it" in vehicles. So long as you aren't in public view or in a public space.


You could be hit with indecent exposure or some other charge if you're caught in the act in public. This could lead to a misdemeanor, fines, and possible jail time depending on the circumstances. You've been warned!

So if the mood strikes your best bet is to head to the house. Or hit the backroads at least so you aren't anywhere near public view or property. Then if you do get caught it's more embarrassing than illegal.

I hate to think about what my search history looks like after seeking answers to this crazy question and writing this up. But we needed to know. Why? I have no idea. Now you know, and knowing is half the battle.

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