Kane Brown has reached several important milestones in his music career, including releasing a slew of No. 1 hits and earning multiple awards and nominations. Now, the singer is looking to make his mark in the movie industry as an actor.

In a conversation with Nights With Elaina host Elaina Smith, Brown shared that he has real aspirations to become an actor. This isn't simply a bucket list dream, either — he is actively working with a Los Angeles agent to make this goal a reality.

"We've been trying to get some movies in and see which one relates to me the most," Brown says.

When asked what kind of movie he hopes to star in, Brown admits that "without acting class," a horror movie might be the way to go. He believes he could "kill that right off the bat" and says he envisions himself playing a horror movie victim, or possibly, "the funny guy."

The "One Mississippi" singer is already auditioning for movies, and he revealed that he auditioned for a new Grease movie. The film has since ceased production, but he did receive a callback from his audition.

"They were surprised with the audition tapes," he says. "They said that I could actually do it."

Brown says the movie was supposed to take place before Grease main character Danny Zuko appeared in the storyline. The role Brown auditioned for was set to be a new character who went on to pursue a singing career prior to the original Grease movie. Although the movie has been canceled, Brown says he's still set on making his acting debut in the near future.

"I wouldn't give up, regardless," he says.

Brown is very busy on the music side of things as well, having recently announced news of his third studio album, Different Man. The project is set for release on Sept. 9. Brown is also dabbling in the pop music world, and he released a pop-leaning single, "Grand," on July 22. Meanwhile, his latest country single, "Like I Love Country Music," is quickly making its way up the charts.

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