Verbal shots were fired at the state of Kansas on “The Daily Show” last night, as host Jon Stewart chipped away at the Sunflower State’s “normal” and “good ol’-fashioned” exterior in one segment and claimed that underneath it all: an insane right-wing agenda is motoring most of the states political decisions.

Stewart first tore into the state’s lax gun control laws first, explaining that a current measure signed the state's Governor, would lift the 8-hour training course that was required for gun owners. Kansas Gov. Sam Brownback (R) apparently signed the bill into law after claiming that Kansas gun-owners had proven that they were responsible.

“The state that believes 8 hours of gun training is too much for its gun owners requires 1,000 hours of training for its professional estheticians,” Stewart said. “I tell you why: you can never be too careful with hot wax and butt hair.”

“Kansas, these rules may feel petty and unnecessary and quite frankly, insulting. But maybe they’ll motivate you to escape your culture of federal dependency. Until then, let’s see how you like being treated like the welfare queens you are.”

~~John Stewart

Stewart also slammed Kansas for its disgraceful treatment of the poor. A new law recently enacted restricts those in the Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) from spending any of their benefits on things like “lingerie, cruises, tattoos, piercings, and movie tickets.”

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