While Kelly Clarkson's 'Don't Rush' lyrics were not intended for her originally, the song wound up in her hands and was a perfect fit. Not only did she nail the vocals, but Clarkson also had the good sense to bring in the heavenly voice of Vince Gill, which left the song's three writers -- Natalie Hemby, Blu Sanders and Lindsay Chapman -- beyond thrilled with the outcome.

"'Don't Rush' was written in 2008," Hemby, who has had a very successful year as a songwriter on many chart-topping hits, tells Taste of Country. "This was before anything had really hit for me. My friend Blu Sanders and I were together, and he goes, 'Have you ever met Lindsay Champan?' And I was like, 'Nope!' Basically he was like, 'Why don't we write with her? She has an absolutely gorgeous R&B voice.' She was like 'Let's get together and see what we can develop.'"

“I see the way you’re looking at me / Baby know I’m feeling it too / We can just light up every candle / Move from room to room,” they wrote in the song's opening verse.

"So we wrote 'Don't Rush' basically for Lindsay," notes Hemby. "It had an Al Green-ish feel with a '70s throwback kind of vibe, and that's kind of what we were going for with her sound."

“Stopping every minute just because you’re in it / Wishing everyday was Sunday, you’re right next to me / It’s how it’s supposed to be / Just hanging on every touch / Baby don’t rush / Baby don’t rush,” they wrote in the 'Don't Rush' lyrics.

"Then the song just kind of fell by the wayside," Hemby says. "Nothing ever came of it. Blu is really good friends with Kelly. He's pitched her stuff through the years, but he has never been pushy about it or anything. He sent her 'Don't Rush' and a few other songs. From my understanding of it, she just fell all over it and loved it! We were all just bouncing off the walls.

Adds Hemby of Clarkson's interest in the 'Don't Rush' lyrics, "It's really awesome when something comes of an older song. I was just thrilled!"

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