The Lawton City Council Tuesday night unanimously approved a new, reduced-fee schedule to adopt and recover pets from Lawton Animal Welfare. Starting April 25, you can get your lost pet that animal control picked up free of charge for the first offense only. Formerly it would cost you $65 to retrieve a pet that had been recovered by Lawton Animal Control, now it will be free the first time the animal is picked up, $20 the second time and $80 after that.

Adoption fees are being reduced as well. It's now $50 for dogs and $20 for cats, regardless to if the animal is spayed or neutered. Those fees have been dropped from $80 for an unaltered pet and $45 if its been spayed or neutered. The only cost added was administrative and processing fees. The lower fees came in an attempt to reduce over-population at the shelter. Officials say that many local residents had complained about the previous fees and feel that many animals were abandoned due to these fees.

Also at the City Council meeting, a committee was created to study possible locations for an expanded transit system transfer center. Currently, the closest thing the city has to a bus station is the location at Southwest 4th Street and 'B' Avenue, which is the site where all five bus routes converge. A possible main transit hub is one of the possibilities to be researched by the committee.

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source: KSWO news


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