Just when you think there's no way possible for the Lawton City Council to be more unpopular, they go and do this! Later today (06-08-21) around 2:00pm CST at City Hall 212 S.W. 9th Street in downtown the Lawton City Council will meet and discuss the possibility of raising our utilities, A.K.A the water bill. They're thinking about increasing every section or item on the bill including: water, refuse, sewer and landfill services. Great, that's just great! At a time when most people are struggling and trying to keep their heads above water!  

There's a few more items on today's agenda up for discussion but the one most people are concerned about is utilities. Only the City of Lawton would cut services and then turn around a raise rates. The once a week trash pick up has been an absolute disaster! It's a complete and utter failure regardless of how the council members attempt to paint it, and believe me they've tried. The bulk trash pickups are running overtime and always behind due to the volume of trash that needs to be collected, thanks to their brilliant, non-thought out plan of once a week trash pick up. But charging more will make everything better right?

We joked when they passed this ridiculous plan wondering if they would reduce our costs since they're cutting the services in half, nope! It still costs the same despite them going to once a week collection. So now here we are in a much trashier town and now they want to raise the rates on our utilities while providing less and less services? I don't think so! Maybe they need the money to buy another useless, run down, flooding, abandoned property. Or maybe they're needing more funds so they can hire an out of town advertising company to help spread the word about their poor investments and decisions.

If this passes and they raise rates I'm willing to bet the very next time elections for the City Council happen everyone of them will be voted out, or at least they should be. I'll cast my vote to replace ANYONE who votes for this and encourage all who will listen to do the exact same thing. I'm sure they'll tread lightly or attempt a back door way of getting this done so we're none the wiser. Once we figure out what they've done it'll be too late, or at least they'll be hoping so. It's not like they have the best reputation for transparency. Well, that's my opinion anyway and we're all entitled to one...Or at least we use to be...

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