If you haven't heard the news yet Lawton, Fort Sill is finally getting a recycling program! The Lawton City Council voted on and approved a measure and agreement with a recycling company called Recyclops. It's a third party company that will offer a recycling subscription service to citizens who are interested. A lot of people have asked about recycling in Lawton. In the past you had to gather and drop off your recyclables and only during select days, times and locations. The only real recycling center that is in full operation is the Recycle Center on Fort Sill. Now we'll have the convenience of having it picked up curbside.

The City of Lawton isn't running or operating the recycling program, as mentioned above it's a third party company. To get started Recyclops needs a minimum of 100 people to sign up. At this time there are around 85 people who has signed on. The basic subscription service costs $12.00 per month. To get all the information and details click here to visit the Recyclops official website. Some of the materials that they will accept for recycling include: Metals, bi-metals, plastics, corrugated cardboard, paperboard, newspapers, magazines, catalogs, books and other paper and plastic items. It's very similar to the Recycle Center on Fort Sill as far as the materials they'll accept.

The basic service includes every other week pick up and bags are included. There's a $10.00 set up fee and the monthly cost is $12.00 or $144.00 annually. You can step up to the Plus subscription for $19.00 monthly, $228.00 annually that includes every other week pick up, bags and they'll also pick up glass materials or items for recycling. You can check out the pricing and details here. Once you're signed up they will provide you all the details for pick up days, bags and any other information you'll need for your recycling subscription. See the official press release from the City of Lawton below:

City of Lawton
City of Lawton

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