2020 was one of the worst years in recent history and the absolute worst year ever for live entertainment. The COVID-19 pandemic wrecked everything from concerts, festivals, theater to sports and just about every other imaginable form of live entertainment in between. As we start 2021 the LCT (Lawton Community Theatre) has announced that it will host their very first live virtual performance this year.

Hopefully 2021 will be a much better year and with the rollout of the COVID vaccine maybe, just maybe, we'll slow or completely stop the virus. In the meantime we've come up with some pretty incredible and creative ways to continue on with our lives while remaining safe and following all the CDC recommendations on combating the spread of the Corona virus. Using all that's available in the way of video conferencing and other streaming technology we're finding new ways to use these platforms to there fullest. Staying connected to each other and entertaining one another as best we can.

The Lawton Community Theatre just announced that they will be doing their very first virtual live performance next month. The LCT will be hosting a virtual performance of the musical “The Last Five Years.”  While we don't have an exact date, time or ticket information quite yet, they plan to have everything ready and in place sometime in February. We'll keep you posted, you can also visit the official Lawton Community Theatre website for more details and showtimes when available.

Looking forward to it and glad that the LCT has found a way to continue on despite the pandemic and everything else that's going on in these crazy times. If you're interested they are holding virtual auditions for "The Last Five Years." You can get all the details by clicking here or email director@lctok.com.

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