LCT (Lawton Community Theatre) will be getting a new home soon. The Lawton City Council voted unanimously last month to lease the old National Guard Armory in Elmer Thomas Park to LCT. We had the opportunity to speak with Chance Harmon the Executive Director of the Lawton Community Theatre earlier today to discuss the move and the upcoming Hotel Motel Tax. Both are very important topics for the LCT.

Tomorrow (02-09-21) Lawton citizens will be going to the polls to vote on renewing the Hotel Motel Tax with a proposed increase. It is important to know that the Hotel Motel Tax is not aimed at citizens of Lawton, Fort Sill but rather to visitors that come to our community and stay at one of our hotels. This tax is incredibly important to Lawton, Fort Sill and to several local non-profit organizations and agencies including the Lawton Community Theatre. Get more information on the Hotel Motel Tax here and make sure you vote tomorrow.

We spoke with Chance about the importance of the Hotel Motel Tax and how it helps with their budgets and operating costs. Of course the big topic of discussion was the announcement that the LCT would be moving to the old National Guard Armory. There's no solid date yet as to when they'll be moving, but the city has agreed to lease them the property. It will be a much better location and much larger. Plus unlike their current location it won't flood every time it rains.

With the new building they'll have a lot more space and there's the chance they could be doing some theatre in the round due to the shape and size of the Armory. We're hoping so, it would be really cool to have a few shows a year in the round. LCT not only hosts plays and other live performances, they also do a lot of workshops and even day camps for kids and young adults. The new location will allow them more space to do all this and even grow some. As soon as we get an update on the moving date and grand reopening we'll be sure to let you know.

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