"Please be advised that the Lawton Police Department has received another call on an ongoing scam in Lawton. The caller states that he/she is from Publishers Clearing House and that the winner has won 5 million dollars or any other amount.

The winner is advised that a representative will be at their house on a specific date and time. To claim the prize, the winner is required to obtain a $300.00, or other amount, check and give to the representative for a processing fee. The latest report was Friday, 1-3-2014, however no representative ever showed up at the residence.

Publishers Clearing House does not require the winner to pay a processing fee for the prizes they award. Advise the caller that you know it is a scam and you will not participate. Do not agree to give the representative any money because it is a scam. Also, do not agree to give any money and plan on catching the representative for police, we do not know what the reaction that would happen so be safe and tell them you are not interested.

If you do receive a call that you believe is a scam, contact the police department at 580.581.3272 for an officer to come take a report."