As of this past Tuesday, enrollment in Lawton Public Schools has decreased by 259 students from last year's count, according to Assistant Superintendent Barbara Ellis said. This total enrollment of 14,706 students marks a 5% drop from the enrollment total of 15,406 from the school year 2013-2014. Last years total was 14.965.

According to Ellis, enrollment in the district has been on the decline every year since 2007, when the district reported 16,700 students. Superintendent Tom Deighan stated last October, that the district is looking for ways to increase the number of students in the Lawton district, including adding more preschools.

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Every October, school districts report their enrollment figures to the Oklahoma Department of Education. At one time, the data was reported on Oct. 1, but the date has been changed to the 15th. State officials use those numbers to get an idea of the student population of each district. The count, although not yet certified, is accepted to be fairly accurate.

According to Ellis, the addition of pre-kindergarten schools has been considered to strengthen the relationship between the student, their family and the school district. Pre-school is voluntary, but parents want their children involved in school early to give them a head start on school, preparing them both emotionally and scholastically.

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