Lawton went to the polls yesterday (02-09-21) and voted to increase and extend the Hotel-Motel Tax. Roughly 2,000 people voted and over 75% voted yes on the proposal so it passed by an overwhelming majority. The new Hotel-Motel Tax with go into effect on (05-01-21) and will be a 7% tax on all non-residents for local hotel, motel and Airbnb stays. The new Hotel-Motel Tax measure will be for a period of 10 years.

The Hotel-Motel Tax does a lot of good fro the city and helps fund several local and area non-profit organizations and agencies. Some of the money goes to help with tourism and conventions along with grants and projects that positively impact our local economy and quality of life. I'm glad the measure passed and by such a large margin, the citizens of Lawton, Fort Sill want to better our community and see it prosper.

If you're a resident/citizen of Lawton, Fort Sill you won't pay the tax, only those who are visiting or here temporarily and are staying in a local hotel or motel. If you're staying at a hotel, motel or even an Airbnb, just show your I.D. or other form of identification with proof of residency that shows you live in Lawton and you're exempt. The new proposal was amended to increase the tax to 7% and it also covers Airbnb and other short stay rental properties that are becoming more and more popular.

Along with tourism, promotion and conventions the money funds a lot of our local non-profits and festivals including: The Lawton Community Theatre, Holiday in the Park, Armed Services YMCA, Lawton Philharmonic Orchestra, Freedom Festival, Lawton Farmer's Market, Museum of the Great Plains and several others. All these and many more will be able to continue operating and providing services thanks to the Hotel-Motel Tax.

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