Well, here we are a little over a year later since the City of Lawton changed the trash pick-up service to once a week and started doing monthly bulk trash pick-ups as well. The Lawton City Council decided to reduce your trash pick-up services, but not lower your bill, back on April 5th, 2021 and it's been an absolute and total disaster ever since! Our city and neighborhoods look ten times worse and there's trash everywhere you look!

It's laughable and insulting that some of our quote, unquote city leaders, and council members say it's going great and has helped with litter and excess trash. Who the hell are they kidding? They must live outside the city limits because our neighborhoods look like a damn alley in Bangkok. There's trash, debris, old furniture, and an overabundance of garbage of all kinds lining the streets, but yeah the plan is working perfectly!

Oh and here's the good news. You can expect even more trash being set out throughout the Spring/Summer months due to all the lawn clippings, leaves, limbs, landscaping, and other yard-type debris that will need to be disposed of. That'll surely beautify and improve the neighborhoods. Add to it all the other garbage people will need to set out and it's going to look, not to mention smell awesome! I was really hoping we could get more trash in all the front yards near the curbs for animals, stay dogs, cats, and kids to get into!

It gets even better. The City of Lawton has been discussing additional fees and charges for citizens who don't properly bag and tie their trash, or who overfill their carts. Another hilarious fine/charge would be levied against persons who don't take their trash carts back to the side of the house and leave them on the curb. I mean that would look horrible! But let's not talk about the couch, old TV, ripped-up and pissed-on carpet, and all the extra trash that wouldn't fit in the carts that are lining the neighborhood streets!

We need to go back to twice-a-week trash pick-up along with scheduled bulk trash pick-ups before our city and neighborhoods start looking like the dump. This was and is a monumental mistake and an epic failure. We warned what would happen, were ignored, and here we are a year later with most of our neighborhoods looking like a skid-row yard sale! I still don't understand how they thought this was a good idea. I mean it's basic math. With fewer trash pickups that means more trash is sitting around waiting for the next scheduled pick-up. Their answer to this was the monthly bulk trash pick-ups.

That's been a joke as well. A lot of people place their garbage and other items they wish to dispose of in the front yard near the curb and it sits out there for the weeks sometimes. This isn't the fault of our Solid Waste Collection personnel or anyone else that's working in the City of Lawton's Solid Waste Collection Division.

They're doing a great job and doing what they can but there's so much bulk waste that it takes time to gather it all up. It would help if people wouldn't set their bulk trash out early, but instead the week off. Preferably the day prior. That way we don't have trash and debris sitting out everywhere. If we had twice-a-week trash pick-up and only allowed scheduled bulk trash pick-ups like we used to, things wouldn't be the way they are now!

Another serious problem this created is illegal dumping and people using and completely filling up dumpsters and other trash receptacles of local and area businesses. I couldn't tell you how many times I've tried to put something in our dumpster here at the studios and it's completely full because people are dumping their trash anywhere they can. I've spoken to several other local businesses and they've all experienced this same problem.

So having said all this how do we fix it? The answer is simple, let's go back to twice-a-week trash pick-ups and scheduled bulk trash pick-ups and do away with the current system. I'm sure there will be plenty of feedback on this both positive and negative. Everyone's got an opinion and they're certainly entitled to it...This one is mine...

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