If you are a frequent visitor at Lawton's Landfill, you have already noticed some changes in the gate entrance procedure.  On January 1, 2018, the City of Lawton implemented a new fee structure for the Landfill which includes a $1 gate fee.Many of the procedures are still in place, like the need to bring a picture ID and a City of Lawton Utility bill with a matching address as your ID.

However, since the computer crash last year for the City of Lawton, Lawton's Landfill is still without computer service.  They can no longer look up account numbers for you.  This is causing some irritation on the part of patrons who fail to bring their documentation with them.

We visited with Tiffany Vrska and Justin Pitts this week to talk about the change and what the public can do to ease the process. Listen below.

Here's a look at the official Press Release for the City of Lawton.


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