Ready or not, MacArthur Football fans, here comes week 3!

This week's opponent is the MacArthur Highlanders other city rival, the Eisenhower Eagles. Coached addressed the team this week and reminded all of them to be ready for 'Ike' to play their best game against the Highlanders this Friday night.

Any fan of recent memory can remember last minute field goals and wins between these to programs in recent years, and who could forget the unforgettable drama that unfolded last year at Cameron Stadium?

A game remembered for the ages as Eisenhower, on the Highlander goal line, 4th down with less than a minute to play, was looking to put the game away with an Eagle touchdown that would seal the fate of a Highlander defeat . MacArthur calls time-out; however, and reminds and inspires then junior nose guard Terrance Grimsley that the play would be coming his way, and he could - and would - get the stop.  With that prophetic charge, the Highlanders were indeed able to stop the Jarvis Jackson touchdown. This big stop ignited the crowds on both sides and gave the boys from up on the hill new life and a second chance. Not wasting any time, Big Mac went to the air quickly and quarterback Ricky McCarty threw a jump ball up to triple-covered Gary McKnight Junior with only 45 seconds left in the game. The three Eagle defenders collided with Gary and each other (pictured above), and fell down leaving Mr. 'Clutch' McKnight alone with the football. He waltzed into the end zone untouched for a last minute touchdown and a MacArthur win (Listen to the touchdown call here).

At that game as a play- by-play announcer,  I remember this so vividly it replays in my mind in slow motion. So are you looking forward to another great game with great anticipation for what could come from it this Friday night as much as I am? I hope so.

Hollywood could not write a more perfect script that played out in reality last year. One thing is for sure, strap yourself in for another very exciting ride at Cameron Stadium this year. I know that myself; along with Jay Burk, Maynard, and Chase Mallow, will be bringing you every play of this week's game with great anticipation and excitement right here on

It's the boys in baby blue against the Big Mac Attack Friday at 7:00 p.m. Join in on the fun and listen to the game with us on your radio, online or on your smartphones, and be sure to check back here after the game with some stats, photos and a review of this match-up.

Friday's game is the final tune up before district play next week as the MacArthur Highlanders will travel for the first time of the season to Del City.

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