I did it. I managed to make it two whole weeks locked within the confines of my property lines. Did I stay in the house the whole time? No. I trimmed trees, mowed grass, picked weeds, worked in the shop, and did just about anything to occupy my busy mind. I also took a few drives through the mountains, but it still counts as your vehicle is an extension of your home in this state. I managed to not catch the rona from my neighbor. He's doing better also, officially a recovered man. He survived Batman disease.

I don't understand why so many people enjoy working from home. I did see it in the first few days. It was new, I could take breaks in my own recliner, and there was no dress code... but all the same, my fortress of solitude became my place of business. I nearly moved my entire studio out to my shop just for a little separation, but while I can deal with the lack of climate control, I don't think my sensitive equipment could live long in the few hot days we've had over that period.

"So how do you stay sane?"

I've never been the type of person to binge watch a show. I'd like to blame it on my maturity or age, something to the fact I enjoy the waiting for a "new" episode while giving some critical thinking to the previous episode over the course of a week, but that ain't me. I straight up get bored trying to stream any single show. Plus, while I'm built for comfort, I can't stand just sitting around. My answer was similar to what a lot of people did. I occupied my time with projects.

With the excuse of trying to remain at home during April, I painted the inside of my house. Still working on the trim, but waiting for hotter dry weather to knock it all out in one go. While I still have a bathroom to get to, I just didn't feel like doing it during these last two weeks. I just wanted to get out of the house. The big project during this quarantine ended up being the desk we talked about a week ago. I finally got all of the heavy fabrication done. Now I just need to build the single cabinet of drawers and paint the whole thing. Then I have to con a few buds into moving a thousand pound desk sometime later. I don't even know if the steel-span-supported concrete floor at work will support it, but dang it's pretty.

I'm really looking forward to the drive into work tomorrow. Fighting the traffic, yelling at the retirees doing 35MPH down Cache, trying to catch the light at Ferris without speeding, but I could definitely do without the occasional smell of crematory downtown. It smells like Burger King to me. I get both hungry and disgusted every time they light it up. It'll be nice to see my work family. Not talking to someone in person for two weeks is alien.

The Last Temperature Check: 97.2

We good.

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