It's almost spring allergy season in Oklahoma!

Most Oklahomans are counting down to spring because they're looking forward to warm weather. But with that increase in temperatures comes the rise of pollen. Soon Oklahomans will be sneezing, scratching their eyes and struggling to breathe as spring moves in. So here's a few ways Oklahomans can make allergy season a little easier on themselves and their nose.

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Not all Oklahomans suffer from seasonal allergies, but a good majority of them do. And people who are not originally from Oklahoma often suffer the most as they're not used to the high pollen count. Either way, the following preparations should help every person who suffers from seasonal allergies.

Start your allergy medicine NOW!

Oklahomans live on allergy medicine. But usually we start taking it when the symptoms begin, but most of the time it's too late. An allergy doctor on TikTok, @rubin_allergy, encourages seasonal allergy sufferers to start allergy medications at least two weeks before pollen gets released.

According to the Oklahoma Allergy and Asthma Clinic, tree pollen in Oklahoma started this week. So if you haven't started taking your allergy medicine, you may want to pop those pills as soon as possible.

Know what allergy medicine you're taking.

There's several types of allergy medicine available over the counter. And it's not safe for Oklahomans to assume they're all the same! Make sure you research the medicine and take what's best for you and your symptoms.

Run a cool mist humidifier!

It's important to keep your nostrils moist, especially if you have allergies. Dry air can irritate your nose and throat, plus a cool mist humidifier can help relieve allergy symptoms. It's great to run at night while you're sleeping.

Add a daily saline rinse your routine.

You've seen the crazy videos of people using big saline rinse machines to drain their sinuses. Those are great to use when you're congested. But if those gross you out and you want to keep from having to basically drowning yourself, you should incorporate a daily saline rinse into your routine, especially at night. This will help flush out pollen and other debris you may have breathed in during the day.

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