Before you hit play, know that this is a adult-ish cartoon... There's a bleep in it.

It all started in early 2017 when Rick & Morty spun Mulan's Szechuan Sauce into a pretty memorable episode. The sauce wasn't the purpose or topic of the episode, just a random throwback to add hilarity to their comedy cemetery. Within weeks of airing, there was an original packet of this sauce sold on Ebay for almost $15k. Naturally, McDonald's decided they would seize the moment and have a limited release of the sticky goodness.

Just a heads up, we're probably going to hit a record number of "Szechuan Sauce" references here, so every time you see "SS", you'll know what I'm talking about...

Skip forward to October 2017, when McD's doors opened in a few select restaurants, and everyone realized the SS was extremely limited, there were actual riots in some locations. McD's done messed up.

Skip forward to February 26, 2018, McDonald's finally came through on the SS release... but as it was a terrible FUBAR situation before, they decided to do it quietly. It wasn't on the signage, nor on the TV commercials... The worker I asked for the sauce from didn't even know what I was talking about. But I managed to get two cups of the good stuff.

Now I've never had this SS before. I was somehow in between generations that remember it from '98. But after trying it, as prescribed, on a chicken nugget... meh. It tastes like you're trying to cover up bad Chinese food with a mound of sugar. Not bad, but not amazing... And opinions online really differ. Some love, some like, there's indifference, and total disgust and hate for it. I guess it really just depends on your personal preference. Though, I will say, with enough added hot chili oil, cayenne, and Thai chili, it'd probably be pretty good.

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