Mid May already? Seems like yesterday we were buying new shoes and school clothes and getting all the supplies they needed. 

Now here we are getting ready to sit in the auditorium or stadium starting tonight and over the next few days to watch as family and friends walk across the platform. Shaking the hand of their principal for the last time and getting a diploma and moving their tassel.

Why is the music played for all graduations sound sad? With the title of Pomp and Circumstance, it sounds festive and happy but when you hear it, you think otherwise.

Some of the young adults I will be watching were just kids I first met 9 years ago when we moved back to the area. They were just finishing 3rd grade and figuring out what fun prank to pull next. Wow does time fly.  Made me pause and reflect on Molly & Kaleb. They will be in this position in 3 and 4 years respectfully.

Speaking of Molly, attended her end of year FFA banquet last evening. It is a unique experience to see all of the hard work all of the young men and women, that are (for the most part) planning on keeping agriculture as a part of their lives once they get out of high school. There were so many awards and tears shed as some realized last night this was the final time they would be a part of their local "FFA Chapter."

Molly, finishing her first year in FFA was given special recognition by her peers and instructor.  She was called to the stage and given the "I Dare You" award. She was one student who was dared to think outside the norm and run with the challenge and did so with great strides.

By the end of this weekend, the area will have hundreds of new graduates, many will be just setting back to contemplate their next move.  Some have already started their college plans. I know a few already have their fall class schedule and university credentials and ID cards. Some may think about Military service. Some will go into the workforce   Some will marry and start a family.

Whatever each graduate has in mind, we wish them the best of luck as they begin a new chapter in their life.

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