Over the past couple of days the family and I have been planning out mini-vacations and stay-cations for the Spring and Summer months. We've found all kinds of really cool places to go and visit, most are right here in Oklahoma and many are only a few short hours away from home. That's the plan, find places none of us have been to before in Oklahoma that we can get to fairly quickly and enjoy a day trip or weekend together.

One of the places we'd like to visit is the Gloss Mountain State Park in Fairview, OK. we talked about that one yesterday and are already making plans to go. It will be a great stay-cation and we'll be able to go hiking, trail walking and do some sight seeing from the overlooks. We're still trying to decide if we'll camp, or rent a room at the Ceder Haven Lodge that's a part of the Gloss Mountain Outfitters. While we were working out the plans we discovered Monkey Island RV Resort & Cabins.This place looks amazing!

Monkey Island RV Resort & Cabins is located in Northeastern Oklahoma near the foothills of the Ozark Mountains on the Grand Lake O' The Cherokees. It's about 4 hours from Lawton so an easy trip and we'll get there in plenty of time to have some fun. This one will have to be a weekend getaway because there's so much to do there. They have all kinds of cool stuff from swimming, hiking, golfing, fishing to just sight seeing, trail walking and more. Since we don't have an RV we'll rent one of their cabins, or maybe a tiny house. Yep, they have tiny houses available to rent by the day, week and month.

There's a lot of Oklahoma I haven't seen yet so I'm looking forward to hitting the open road and visiting as many places and parks as I can this year with the family. This way we can have several mini-vacations and stay-cations instead of just going on one.

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