The USDA's Agricultural Research Service's recent survey has found that Americans are getting about one-third of all of their daily calories from 'empty calories', or solid fats and added sugars.  Men on average consume two to three times their limit in solid fats and added sugars or about 923 calories, Women fare a little better at just 624 empty calories.  Frank & Jeri decided to check out our daily calorie intake from yesterday to see how we fit into the national average.

FRANK's day:

Breakfast: 2 Brown Sugar Pop Tarts (unfrosted)

Lunch: a Granola Bar (really?)

Dinner: 1 piece of Homemade Lasagna

2 garlic bread sticks

1 glass of milk

water and coffee black

Total Calories: 1322 with 38 grams of fat


JERI's day:


2 Strawberry Pop Tarts plain


2 Taco Bell Chalupas Supreme

1 Taco Bell Hard Taco


Barbeque Corn Chips (I just got finished mowing, and that's all I wanted!)

Total Calories: 1876 with 76 grams of fat

Conclusion:  We are not average!  There is a possibility that Jeri could very well be a man!

Calories were counted using! How about you? Do you count calories or can you follow  a diet plan? Tell us what you think!

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