Remember a few years ago when we bombed the moon? Everyone thought of it as a waste of resources and money, and well, it was hilarious that we actually bombed the moon... but they found something interesting... ice. Not just your regular old run-of-the-mill space ice full of heavy metals and things that pop out of your stomach in the space diner, but actual water ice. While it sounded weird at the time, they were looking for this ice for a purpose. Apparently, with that water ice, they have a supply of water to drink, oxygen to breath, and hydrogen to fuel spacecraft... and it all lead to this announcement.

NASA is putting a base station on and near the moon, and they're planning on doing it in the next five years. That means space explorers will have a way-point after exhausting fuel getting off Earth to fill up and head out into the near yonder. This means a manned trip to Mars could be in our lifetime.

Mind. Blown.

Hit play, get the goosebumps, and start realizing we're in the future.

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