It's another hilarious batch of news bloopers from September 2020 courtesy of YouTube channel News Be Funny. I always look forward to seeing these especially the big, mega montages like this one. It's a great collection from this past month's screw ups and on camera blunders. Luckily for us I seriously doubt there's a month, week or day that goes by where there's no bloopers. So long as there's live TV and news programs we'll always have these, thank God.

Let's face it we could all use a short break to have a laugh and get away from all that's going on right now, if only for a minute. So go ahead, kick back, relax, hit play and for the next 10 minutes or so have a laugh and a quick break from the world. You'll be glad you did. This month's gathering of gaffes is definitely worth a watch.

The latest news bloopers collection includes several reporters, anchors and weathermen working from home during the COVID-19 pandemic. If they thought for a second they'd be safe at home from on camera bloopers they were sadly mistaken. We have pets interrupting, screaming kids, spouses wandering into the camera shot and every other imaginable form of blunder, gaffe, blooper and screw up.

If anything the feared news blooper is more likely to happen when you're trying to work from home vs. the studio. In a studio you can control the environment, not so much at the house as these unfortunate people found that out the hard way.

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