You can always tell when someone isn't from Oklahoma when they start trying to pronounce town names. To be fair I'm from here and there's still names I struggle saying correctly.

With Lawton, Fort Sill being a military town we get people from all over and it's always entertaining to hear them attempt to pronounce streets, counties and town names. How many times have you heard someone say Cash-A road? Or Cash-A-Ah road? Or they were heading to Chick-ah-Shay-A or Chick-ash-ah.

Hit play on the video and get ready to laugh as non-Okies attempt and fail to pronounce various Oklahoma town names. Some of them they actually get right. Most of them they just butcher.

A lot of the names, especially the ones that are Native American are spelled really strangely. It's like the alphabet and letter sounds are switched, silent or completely off to what you're use to.

All the usual sounds and consonants are mixed up or M.I.A. Need an example how about the town of  Ouachita, it's pronounced (WASH-uh-tuh) or how about Bokchito pronounced (BOHK-cheat-uh).

So if you're new to Oklahoma you might want to watch the video, a few times. Even though you might mispronounce a street, county or town name most of us will know what and where you're talking about, we're use to it.

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