Wild animals coming in the house is a stage one emergency at my place. This guy gets rid of a 'bird of prey' while it gives him a death stare!

When I first moved into the house I am currently living in, someone left the chimney open. There were no less than 2 dead birds in the house. The strange thing about birds is you can't really tell if they are alive or dead. If they aren't moving they appear to be dead, no matter how long they have been there. Feathers don't really decompose. Gross.

Colton Wright of Fort Worth had a bit of a scare when his cat brought a live owl into the house. It seems like it was okay. But those giant eyes staring at him the entire time he was getting rid of him, must have been freaky. Check out what happens in the video!

Instead of a Swiffer, he should have gotten a HOOver to get rid of the animal. Puns people. Puns.

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