In what has probably been the most highly debated topic of the summer, Oklahoma's controversial ban on school district mask mandates has ended with a temporary injunction passed down from the Oklahoma District Court on the grounds that the law originally and randomly "excludes private school students" from being included. Oklahoma schools will be able to mandate mask orders for students again starting next week.

While I'm sure we haven't heard the last of this from the governors office and our state level legislators, they sure have taken the long way around the barn on this topic haven't they? When the legislation was written as an idea to start the process, the pandemic was at a point where it was somewhat winding down. Numbers were dwindling, cases were in a sharp decline, and it seemed like just another piece of money-wasting feel-good legislation... and then everyone forgot there was a global communicable disease floating around and we started into Pandemic: Part Two as schools started in this state a few weeks ago.

I think everyone on facebook has found a place to share their individual and widely accepted opinions on the topic. I get it. I have two nephews in the public school system and quite frankly, I want them to be safe too... but on the one hand that covid so rarely has a negative affect on our youth, the other hand is the so-called Delta variant that does. Do I want them forced to wear masks in school? No... but if in the odd chance it does manage to protect them, I'm OK with it. We must all make sacrifices I suppose, and in modern America, it's not something we've been so great with. There are those who won't pitch in, and then there are those who go out of their way to make sure others know about their own sacrifices. The rest of us normal people are somewhere silently in the middle just wishing for an end of it all.

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