The news just broke this morning about a huge drug bust, possibly one of the largest in state history. Agents and officers of the OBN (Oklahoma Bureau of Narcotics) along with the OHP (Oklahoma Highway Patrol) and the OMMA (Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Authority) in a joint task force raided 9 illegal marijuana farms in Oklahoma. It's being reported that it was one of the biggest counter-drug operations to date.

The 9 farms spanned across 5 different Oklahoma counties including Stephens, Grady, Carter, Johnston, and Love county. All were connected and were a part of a single criminal organization called Big Buddha.

They were growing medical marijuana illegally and trafficking it into the black market in other states. According to the reports millions of dollars worth of marijuana and millions in cash were being moved out of the state. By using Oklahoma's medical marijuana laws they were growing legally but selling illegally.

Basically, these were all illegal farms that purchased land in Oklahoma and even had all the proper medical marijuana licensing that's required but were taking their harvest elsewhere and selling it on the black market.

A lot of questions are being asked like how did they get the land and how did they obtain their licenses?  Most of these farms were being operated by persons who aren't from Oklahoma. The OBN has stated that Oklahoma has become the #1 supplier/trafficker of marijuana to other states.

There's been a long-standing rumor over the past couple of years that the Chinese and even other countries are buying up land in Oklahoma and setting up medical marijuana farms so they can sell on the black market.

We did a story about this a few days ago, click here to read it. I'm wondering if any of the farms that were busted this morning were being operated by persons from China, Mexico, or maybe even Russia. We've heard all kinds of stories that these countries have attempted to, or are currently running illegal farms in the state.

What started as some crazy conspiracy theory may actually have some real truth behind it.

We continue to hear these same stories about illegal medical marijuana farms being run by non-citizens of the state and even country, so maybe something is going on. That's not to say that all these illegal farms and black-market activity is being done exclusively by immigrants. I'm sure there are more than a few that are being done by born and bred Okies and other Americans. It's just weird that we keep hearing the same story.

From what it sounds like this recent bust is the first of many as the state cracks down on these farms.

If you're running a legitimate medical marijuana farm and/or business there's no problem. But, if you're growing marijuana to sell on the black market in other states while trying to hide behind an OMMA license not so much. It will be interesting to see what the task force turns up and what it uncovers.

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