The Oklahoma City Zoo has recently expanded their Sumatran tiger exhibit to include an online display, and they are encouraging the public to follow the growth of their youngest endangered tigers on Tiger Cam. The OKC Zoo is encouraging the public to follow the lives of Eko, Ramah, Zoya and Gusti, in addition to their momma Lola.

Tiger cam is operational 24/7 and allows you to follow the cubs growth as well as watching them bond, play eat and other behind the scenes views of the tiger den. Eko, Ramah and Gusti are triplets, that were born in July of 2011, while Zoya is actually an Amur tiger.

Sumatran tigers are currently listed as "critically endangered", with less than 500 estimated to be living in the wild in the forests of Indonesia. Their survival is seriously threatened by habitat loss, primarily caused illegal hunters and by the cultivation of plantations. Amur tigers are also endangered, with a population in the Russian far east of approximately 540, though at one point during the 1940, it was thought their numbers totaled as few as 40.

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Photo by Tim P. Whitby/Getty Images

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