Over the last year or so, there have been no shortages of discussion surrounding the various Covid-19 vaccine. If you believe the story we were all told, the question remained "Did it come about too fast?" People are still questioning whether it's safe or not, and that's still OK. It's a large decision each person must make for themselves.

Of course, if you spend enough time on the internet, there were no shortages of conspiracy theories either surrounding the vaccine...

The Pfizer vaccine will change your DNA and they'll then legally own your body.

Bill Gates is trying to implant a microchip in my arm for tracking purposes.

The Johnson & Johnson vaccine has aborted fetal tissue in it.

The Covid-19 vaccine will make you magnetic to 5G cell service.

These are real things that people talked about online, but we live in a point in time where none of it sounds too far-fetched if you spend enough time conversing about it. I mean, what's not possible these days?

Like a lot of young adults, I've had this conversation many times with my stubborn Boomer parents. They bought into the video that was floating around this time last year about the Pfizer vaccine changing your DNA structure, and because they had mutated your cells, they legally owned your body. How does that not sound ridiculous to a couple of people that have seen it all and done it all in their 65 years on earth?

Both fortunately and unfortunately, they've both had their own battles with the coronavirus and come to see it's not "just a cold" after all. I'm not sure if they'll opt-in for vaccination after the fact or not, and I was curious to check up on the vaccination rates around the state.

Not surprisingly, the highest vaccination rates in the state are in and around some of the highest populations. In the smaller counties on the list, you'll often find some of the older populations, and Lawton even made the top five.

Oklahoma Counties With The Highest Covid Vaccine Rates

There are certainly a few surprises on this list. The most surprising might be how few vaccinated people it takes to make the top of the list.

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