Due to refusal to comply with federal security mandates, Oklahoma driver's licenses will soon not be accepted to get into secure places like federal buildings and airports.

In 2005, Congress passed the REAL ID Act as a security measure to prevent terrorists from obtaining fake IDs.  But two years later, Oklahoma passed a law forbidding compliance with the REAL ID act, becoming one of a handful of states refusing to comply.  The Oklahoma Department of Public Safety said this week that they are taking no steps to comply with the REAL ID act, and they have not implemented any policies or procedures to meet any requirements of the act.

Beginning in 2015, Oklahoma Driver's Licenses will not be an acceptable ID to pass security into a federal building, and starting in 2016 they will be unacceptable IDs at airports.  A spokesperson for the Will Rogers World Airport said that passengers will be required to have another form of federal identification to get through a TSA checkpoint or fly on a commercial plane.

Opponents of the REAL ID act have voiced concerns over privacy and a federal identification system.  The DPS has also noted that measures discussed in the act are practices that they could implement apart from complying with the act.

via News 9

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