Governor Mary Fallin has announced plans to run for re-election in 2014, during a meeting in Lawton at the Museum of the Great Plains on Thursday.

The governor went on a three-city tour, beginning in Tulsa on her journey for a second term before completing her tour in Lawton. After the meeting she attended a campaign fundraiser kickoff at the Lawton Country Club.

Representative T.W. Shannon, Speaker of the Oklahoma House of Representatives introduced Fallin to the Museum attendees.

"In the negotiating room she is no cheerleader, she is every bit the quarterback," Shannon said.

Fallin addressed the crowd of her accomplishments during her first term of governor in Tulsa, Oklahoma City and Lawton. She stated that when she assumed office in 2011 she inherited a state that had an unemployment rate of seven percent and the state's 'Rainy Day' fund only had $2.03 left.

Now Oklahoma has a 5.3% unemployment rate with over half a billion dollars now in the state's emergency funds.

Through Fallin's efforts of increasing the emergency funds, the state was ready to handle a true emergency during the tornado outbreak in May.

"We went through a very challenging time in May with the various tornadoes that struck in eight different cities throughout Oklahoma," Fallin said. "Because we had a strong savings account in our state and grew from having $2.03 to half a billion dollars we were able to take some of that money for a true rainy day in our state and we gave $45 million dollars to the communities to help them get back on their feet."

Fallin praised Lawton's commitment to service and the support in Fort Sill. She states that Lawton's character is reflective in the state of Oklahoma and that service is what keeps her going in her position as Governor.

"Not only do you have a great speaker that's from Lawton, but you also have great people," Fallin said. "You have people that believe in service. We see that here throughout the community in Lawton; whether it's your civic leaders, business leaders, political leaders or the men and women that serve in your military."

Before taking the office of Governor, Fallin served as a member of House of Representatives in D.C. After her term as a representative was complete, she decided to return to her home state to work with people with conservative values that are not necessarily reflected in Washington.

"Oklahomans and people around the nation are fed up," Fallin said. "They are tired of a lot of talk and no action."

Fallin stated that if re-elected she plans to keep making the Oklahoma state economy stronger and to keep increasing the 'Rainy Day' for any emergency that the state will come across in the future. Fallin also plans to work on health care, public safety and transportation matters for Oklahoma if elected for a second term.

Fallin will run against R.J. Harris, the Democratic contender for the office of Governor in 2014.

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