Earlier this week, Governor Stitt issued an executive order to try and tackle the growing teacher shortage. Not in the aspect of teachers fleeing to surrounding states that pay much better, but the current shortage where so many teachers are out sick with the covid that classes have been canceled recently.

Among the ideas for solving this temporary problem, to ensure children are in school for their education, all government employees were cleared to work as fill-in teachers.

Schools in and the City of Moore, Oklahoma got into the spirit immediately. The Moore Police Department offered a few on-duty police officers to complete part of their shifts in classrooms, doing what substitute teachers do best.

They posted it to Facebook and I'd gladly share it here for you to see, but in the process of rebranding the platform to Meta, links get broken and code goes crazy.

Click here to see the photos.

While you're checking out what is a pretty wholesome post about the "Boys in Blue" doing what they can for a problem that affects a lot of families, there is no shortage of Karen's and Jared's who were triggered and outraged enough to go about bashing not only these police officers but all police officers.

Wait, I'm confused. What are they covering? Are they there as substitute teachers? If so then why are they in uniform and armed??? And they are covering due to COVID shortages but are doing so unmasked? Nothing about this makes any sense...unless ...it's just copaganda.


Do parents have the option of opting out from having armed officers in classrooms with their children? No thanks!!


Protect and serve? Outrageous and infuriating. How dare you! Unmasked and armed to teach little children. Not physically or emotionally safe. Not appropriate. And a horrible role model for children during a pandemic. Not only that, but these cops are literally putting human lives at risk, including their own. Absolutely disgusting.


Wow. What stark evidence that the country is a police state.


....GTFO of schools!!! What are you even doing!??


Why are there dangerous criminals in these children's classrooms?


Guns but no masks. What, were you planning on shooting COVID? How would you plant a baggie of weed on a virus? Please, these are vital questions that need answers.
This is, as they say, a bad look. The answer to the teacher shortage isn't cops. It's paying teachers more and not treating them like dirt. If the city has a dearth of teachers but cops to spare, maybe they could shift some funding from the PD into education? Just a thought.
Words of intelligence created through the independent thought process of people who likely think socialism and communism "isn't a bad idea" even though none of them have probably had to ration six pounds of mystery meat each month for a family of six.

Don't get me wrong, I noticed the mask thing too... but after two years of fighting the spread, the masks people wear, including those ultra-thin logo masks most school districts are providing don't work because they're not N-95 or better. People, in this case, are upset these officers aren't virtue signaling and it's only upsetting because their vegan lifestyle is most likely lacking in protein.

That was a joke, please don't send me angry-vegan emails.

One comment made in disgust did actually shine a little light on a big problem with police in this country...

Who was the person that thought this was a good idea? Kids are generally frightened of police because they're taught to be. Unbelievable!

Kids are somewhat taught to fear the police in some communities, and this should stop.

While I can't remember if my parents ever said it, I remember hearing my neighbor-friends mom saying something like "If you don't clean this room, I'm gonna call the cops to come to arrest you for not minding..." Adults know it's completely untrue and a wild attempt to gain influence, but kids don't know that.

Create fear, control the mind...

I do remember my parents telling us at big events, like carnivals and fairs, that if we get separated for any reason, ask a police officer for help. This is what kids should be taught.

Your average police officer isn't out there to Road House his way through any and all crime, even if he has to make up as he goes... That also doesn't mean some police officers don't do just that. You just can't lump the "all" in with the "some."

Please don't send me endless emails about how I'm somehow "Trumping for cops" or trying to boost the "copaganda" as some ridiculous dumbas phrased it... I occasionally toss out a casual "I don't answer questions" when my rights call for it...

The point being, there is good and bad in every person, we can just hope the good wins that everyday battle. I'm just advising that you don't end up the person that openly posts something as stupid as:

Y'all don't even have to get a degree to be a police officer, what makes you qualified to teach a class? This is nonsense, more copaganda. You couldn't get adults to be more supportive of your clan so you're back to targeting kids.

Some peoples kids...

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