Today's the day! You can get .99-cent corn dogs all day today at Oklahoma Sonic Drive-ins. So if you're looking for a cheap and easy lunch or dinner swing by your local Sonic and grab some .99-cent corn dogs.


Sonic Drive-In is observing and celebrating 'National Corn Dog Day' a little early this year, which is 100% fine with us. Especially since it's payday today, or at least for most of us anyway. Either way .99 cent corn dogs!

National Corn Dog Day is actually this upcoming Saturday, March 18th (03-18-23) but Sonic Drive-In couldn't wait, and honestly neither could we. This way we can celebrate the tasty corn dog today and this weekend.

Oklahoma Sonic Drive-Ins have .99 cent corn dogs all day today (03-15-23)

Organic CornDog on a stick with ketchup and mustard

No one knows for sure who first created this deep-fried wonder or when it first appeared. It's a hotly debated topic and continues to be a mystery to this day. I'm just glad I live in a world time where the corn dog exists.


I plan on making a trip to Sonic for both lunch and dinner today to take full advantage of the .99-cent corn dog deal. How do you like your corn dog? As for me, I like a little mustard, okay a whole lot of mustard.

You can visit the official Sonic Drive-In website by clicking here to find the closest Sonic near you. You can also check them out on Facebook by clicking here. Don't let it pass you by get .99-cent corn dogs today.

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