Today, Governor Mary Fallin announced plans for a new religious center to be built on Camp Gruber. The new center will be called the Thunderbird Chapel.  Ground breaking is scheduled for next month and should be completed with in 6 months.  This will coincide with the return of the next group of Oklahoma Soldiers from Afghanistan in the Spring of 2012.

This Chapel is a gift from the citizens of Oklahoma to our state soldiers and their families.  It will be place for all to come and to worship, clergy to have offices and places for counseling,  Bible study and other gatherings.  Business leaders from the state hope to raise the necessary $500,000 to build the chapel and many of the necessary materials will donated as well as the support for the project.

The Governor in her remarks on the project said "There is a strong history of  patriotism and faith." "This project will allow the people of Oklahoma and faith based institutions to work together for a greater purpose.  By building Thunderbird Chapel at Camp Gruber, wee are showing support to the This is showing our support for our men and women of this state who don the military uniform.

The men and women form Oklahoma carry a burden with them when they deploy and their families are left behind to carry on with out them.  This will be a place of spiritual refuge and comfort not only for the families, but for the service members when they return.

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