I always hate to hear someone say things like "I hate living in Lawton" or "I just can't wait to get out of here." Sometimes people actually mean it and they're destined to move beyond. The other 95% of the time, it's usually just something people say to make up for a severe lack of personality.

I've lived all over America, and every town is basically the same. If you're bored in one place, you'll be bored with the next. There are no boring places, just boring people.

All the same, of those who actually mean what they say, there's nothing at all wrong with moving on with your life in search of happiness. Some people move because of the weather, career opportunities, to be closer or further from family, or to just hop out there and experience something different.

Before I lose track of where I'm going here, let me just share with you that one Oklahoma town landed in the seventeenth slot on the top fifty list of places to live in the United States, according to Money.com. Famous for flour and Garth Brooks, Yukon is the place to live in Oklahoma.

If you're not familiar with Yukon, why would you be? It's a small town in the OKC metro. Think of it like Elgin, but with a fancy hospital, a couple of big car lots, and some big businesses like Lowe's, Xerox, and Target. A town born out of the 1889 land run, grown on the tourism of Route 66, and now considered a trendy place to have your McMansion amid small-town life.

Like most growing and trendy cities people are flocking to, Yukon offers really the best of both worlds. You can grow into a house located in a secluded neighborhood. Raise kids and send them to top-tier public schools. Enjoy the most modern of things within a few minutes drive, but also enjoy America as it used to be with a historic and revitalized hipster-type downtown atmosphere, and cap it off with a rich and very deep local cultural scene.

If I were to move again to Oklahoma City, it would be the place to look if you were looking to settle into the burbs. Of course, maybe you have been to Yukon and know it's not the place for you... and you'd probably be right. The point being, there's a whole lot of America out there. Go explore it, and when you get tired, we'll welcome you home to the same quality of roads we have today.

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