Dear Valued Community Partner:
Thank you for your continued support and advocacy of the health-based Open Streets
initiative coordinated biannually through the Fit Kids of Southwest Oklahoma, Comanche County Memorial Hospital TSET Healthy Living Program and the City of Lawton.In lieu of the traditional Fall 2020 Open Streets event,partnering agencies are pleased to announce plans for the first "Open Streets Hits the Streets" event! This event will take place Sept. 14 through Oct. 12 and end with prizes to participants during the first week of November 2020. As you may be aware, due to growing concerns of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, the traditional Open Streets event on Downtown C Avenue was postponed several weeks ago. Because committee members feel that this even has become an important staple within the community and because we know our supporters still value he encouragement of healthy lifestyles and behavior, an alternative initiative has been presented. We would love for you to help us make this dream a reality! "Open Streets Hits the Streets" will allow community members to practice healthy activities in fun and safe ways and has served multiple purposes since its inception, to include: Creating a sense of community, revitalizing Downtown Lawton, promoting active transportation and encouraging healthy lifestyles. The idea behind "Open Streets Hits the Streets" is for citizens to come up with creative ways to support these purposes, document their doing so via selfies/photos, send these selfies/photos into the Open Streets committee and then pickup prizes for completing the challenge. Examples
•Revitalizing Downtown Lawton: A selfie/photo at a local shop on Downtown C, atthe mall oratthe Museum of the Great Plains.
•Promoting active transportation: A selfie/photo of a person riding a bike or walking on a sidewalk.
•Encouraging healthy lifestyles: A selfie/photo of a person eating fruits and vegetables or at a yoga studio.
When all selfies/photos are gathered, the participant will send them and be followed up with to claim their prize!
Open Streets is traditionally geared toward children but community members of all ages are welcome to participate and claim prizes so long as they last. As always, we are looking to promote a theme of health, nutrition and fitness, but we are more than grateful for any contributions you may be able to provide.

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