The wait is almost over! Get ready, Panera Bread in Lawton, Fort Sill will be opening next week. The new restaurant is located at 807 N.W. Sheridan Road. It's right across the street from the Walmart on Sheridan and right next door to Raising Cain's Chicken. They've been working on the new location for the past several months, we got the official confirmation that it would be a Panera Bread back in October 2020. In the meantime we've been anxiously waiting for it to open and we're only a few days away from that happening.

All the construction crews have worked non-stop to get the new Panera Bread open for business. Even with the COVID-19 pandemic they managed to get it done quickly. Every time I'd pass by it would get closer and closer to being finished. Today I made my usual stop to see just how close we are and spoke with one of the managers. Good news! The new Panera Bread in Lawton will be opening on Thursday, May 20th (05-20-21).

They're in the middle of training and getting everything completely set up and ready for service. If you're looking for a job they're hiring! Panera Bread is hiring all positions, from mangers, shift managers, bakers, cashiers to various kitchen staff and everything in between. If you're interested in becoming a team member click here for all the details and to visit the official site. So not only do we get a great place to eat, but more job opportunities as well. It's perfect timing in that Lawton could use both right about now.

It'll be nice to have some more choices when it comes to dinning out, not to mention the additional jobs this will bring. Panera Bread has great soups, sandwiches, wraps, pastas, salads, pastries, bagels and all kinds of fresh baked breads and other treats. Their chicken noodle soup is amazing especially when it's paired with a bacon and turkey sandwich. The grilled cheese with tomato soup is also a must try. I'll do that next week!

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