When a beloved sports star leaves a team for greener pastures, it often affects the team and the city for years to come. But in the example of the departure of former Oklahoma City Thunder Forward Kevin Durant, his leaving the team to sign with the Golden State Warriors may literally affect an entire town, permanently.

An Durant, OK resident has created a petition at change.org to rename the town, and remove the memory of the former NBA Most Valuable Player completely from the state. Ryan Nazari of Durant has a responsibility to change the city's name, because even though the town name existed long before the "evil" 7-time all-star was born, the reminder of the "hideous" way that Durant left the team needs to be removed.

The petition, which currently has over 2,100 signees, suggests re-naming the town should after someone who Nazari feels is more worthy of being honored by the town's name...current Thunder point guard and 5-time all-star Russell Westbrook. You can sign Nazari's petition at change.org.

Golden State Warriors v Oklahoma City Thunder - Game Six
Photo by J Pat Carter/Getty Images

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