Welcome to Lufkin, Texas. Home of whatever these shenanigans are. It's a mighty fine Mayberry of a town in the middle of, well, nowhere. Not too big, but not exactly small.

When the local PD responded to a burglary alarm complaint, everything was pretty tense. They managed to respond in time to catch the perp in the act of doing his or her thing. After failing to comply with officers commands, they put on their brave faces and jumped through the windows to put a cap on a building powder keg. That takes guts, and my hats off to em for that.

Luckily, when they turned the hallway corner to confront the burglar, it turned out to be a whitetail deer that had crashed through a window, setting off the alarm. Hilarity ensues as it, now surrounded by humans, tries to find a safe way out. And it does. The whole situation just resolves itself the best way it could.

If you check out the comments on the YouTube page, some people were calling for this deer to be put down. How officers should have shot and killed it in the home. I can't even imagine the mess and havoc that would have created. It's a wild deer. The best way to handle a situation like this is exactly how they did. Provide a clear path to outside, and that deer will find it. Besides, police officers only shoot pet dogs.

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