I noticed on my way home last night that the cattle egrets have returned from Jamaica.Not only do the cattle egrets migrate south to Jamaica so do the turkey vultures.  Do you know how I know that?  David told me.

Now is also the time to start looking for the scissor tailed flycatchers as well.  According to Rachel Bradley , wildlife diversity information specialist for the Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation "Scissortails are neo tropical migrants, which breed in North America in the summer and winter in Central and South America or the Caribbean Islands."  She went on to say "People will begin seeing them in Oklahoma any day now and they'll inhabit the state until late October."

I love to watch them from my front porch.  Their diet consists largely of insects and you can watch them swoop and dive to catch all kinds of bugs.  It's also fun to watch them land on the high line wires and jump high in the air and land back right in the same place.

To get more information about migratory birds in our area visit the Oklahoma Wildlife Departments.

What's your favorite Oklahoma bird?