It seems that the perfect storm of world events has finally hit home and is starting to cut deep here in Lawton. That's not to say prices haven't been rising for two years now, but even the cheap stuff is doubling and tripling in cost every day.

If you believe the official story, our expensive everything started when some dude in China decided to eat a bat.

Two years ago, the economy was soaring, gas was under $2, my weekly groceries were under $40, electric bills weren't being tampered with like how the city council treats our Lawton water bill... Things were pretty great.

By the end of Spring Break 2020, the world was in a panic about the declared coronavirus pandemic. Everyone stayed away from work for two weeks, the economy closed, tons of jobs were lost, just as many were quit, masks weren't needed, everyone was to just stay away from everyone else...

Panic ensued.

By the following Monday, every news outlet had sensationalized covid as a death sentence. You suddenly couldn't buy soap, disinfectant, hand sanitizer, bleach, toilet paper, paper towels, sani-wipes, or most cleaning products... If you lived in Lawton, you couldn't buy clothing or electronics, you couldn't get your hair cut, nails did, or anything else that wasn't regarded by your city council or mayors office as "strictly essential."

Every time we thought the covid was easing and going away, things would go back to normal and cases would spike... Record numbers of cases happened time and time again.

Divisive politics didn't help during the last election. A social movement caught steam once again. Protests by every imaginable side took place all over the country. Some large cities completely lost control in the chaos. The government bought a little peace "Have some free money." Then there was the storming of congress by patriots that were out for blood but settled at taking selfies. Those divisive politics somehow sunk to a new low and became just plain vicious and neither side is innocent in the vile. "Have some more free money."

Due to the pandemic overseas, domestic automakers lagged behind in production. The hot new car market suddenly soured as now people had free money and nothing to buy. Buyer premiums and "market adjustments" became the new norm as every vehicle suddenly cost more than the sticker price. Buyers still lined up to purchase what few new vehicles dealers could find, financing well beyond upside-down straight off the lot.

When new cars ran out, used cars were the new tool to survive... prices soared. Used cars were now worth more than new vehicles were a month prior, and the masses still bought into it. I want, I want, I want.

Even if automakers suddenly were able to hit full production, there would be no way to transport and ship everything out. Ports are running at restricted capacity. Truckers are retiring and nobody is replacing them. More are protesting. Even the things/goods/products we have more than enough of are skyrocketing in price because there aren't enough people to move them around the country.

While China threatened WWIII against Taiwan, Russia slipped a banana in the United Nations tailpipe and invaded Ukraine. The phrase "nuclear options" has been mentioned by the incredibly corrupt and dickish Russian president himself.

The world is back to panic.

I noticed it on payday while doing my usual payday things... Need to gas up the car, grab groceries, might peruse the few splurges I've been eyeing online... and it hit me.

Gasoline has doubled in price. Medicine has doubled too. My little packages of lunch meats have nearly doubled. The brick of sliced cheese I paid $13 for in September is now over $19 with tax. Milk has doubled. Heavy cream has tripled. Bread has doubled. Beef is rising. Chicken is almost double.

Everything is doubling in price.

Have you realized it's cheaper to have a sit-down meal at a fast-casual place like Chili's or Buffalo Wild Wings than it is to drive-thru at McDonald's or Whataburger? Even a single plain old regular crunchy taco at Taco Bell is just growing closer and closer to being $2 with tax in Lawton.

The economic impact of the world's perfect storm of pure chaos will be the death of everything valuable except gold, silver, and platinum.

I'm sure the things we millennials are seeing are the same as our parents did in the 70s'... the question is, will we come out of this through an economic boom like the Boomers did in the 80s? Nobody can predict it... we can all only hope.

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