In a split decision, the US Supreme Court has decided not to hear the OK/NE lawsuit against Colorado and their marijuana laws.

Both Oklahoma and Nebraska insist Colorado's lax laws on 'weed' are to blame for our states drug-related problems and issues.

While this suit won't be heard in our nations highest court, it wasn't a unanimous decision. Both Justice Thomas and Justice Alito disagreed with the courts choice to not hear the complaint, but it's not because cannabis is such a hot topic... Much rather, both justices were more interested in creating a precedence over whether states could actually sue other states.

If you remember, Oklahoma and Nebraska petitioned the courts for the ability to bring this suit to trial, siting the drug overflow was stressing their criminal justice systems. On the other hand, Colorado insisted their state sovereignty itself was being challenged. In the end, sovereignty is the highest of orders... no pun intended.

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