A neighborhood in Killeen, Texas has been evacuated after a resident spotted a device with wires hanging out attached to a truck.

The Killeen Police Department has confirmed that the device is an improvised explosive device (IED).

The Killeen authorities has called Fort Hood for assistance in removing the bomb and a squad has been dispatched to disarm the bomb.

Police have evacuated several blocks as a precaution. The incident appears to be unrelated to the Fort Hood shooting that occurred on Wednesday afternoon of April 2.

It seems the Killeen/Fort Hood community still has much to overcome after the tragedies in recent years with the 2009 Fort Hood shooting with another taking place five years later. Now, a civilian member of the community is wishing to do harm and has no disregard of who or what gets killed in the process.

As a military kid we moved and lived in many different places and Killeen, Texas, was a place I called home for a couple years. It's just a shame to hear about one my childhood homes going through these heartbreaking events in a span of five years.

To the residents of the Fort Hood/Killeen area, to the place I grew up during my elementary school days, I know I am by no means a resident of the area but for military kids we don't have a true place to call home. Although I have adopted Lawton as my "true" home, Killeen, Texas, at one point was a home to me too.

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