In November's first installment of The Boot’s Guest Room Sessions video series, singer-songwriter Suzie Brown performs an intimate version of her song “Sometimes Your Dreams Find You.” Readers can press play above to watch the special performance.

Brown’s smoky alto is clear as a bell on “Sometimes Your Dreams Find You,” which she says was written during a particularly vulnerable time in her life. She was newly pregnant with her second child; her first child was about one year old.

"I had just gotten back from a three-week tour and went straight back to work for two straight weeks and was totally exhausted and sick,” Brown recalls The Boot. “I hadn't had as much time for music, friends or really anything outside family life as I used to ... and yet I was happier than I had ever been.”

Inspired by that contradictory feeling, Brown teamed up with friend and fellow songwriter Korby Lenker to write "Sometimes Your Dreams Find You." For this Guest Room Sessions clip, Lenker also joins Brown; they're seated on a bench across from the tree swing in Brown's front yard, and Lenker sings harmonies and plays guitar.

“Korby and I had chatted for a little while at the beginning of our writing session, as people often do. He said, ‘I think we need to write a song about that!’” Brown remembers. “We performed the song in my favorite spot in my front yard -- it just seemed fitting."

The title of "Sometimes Your Dreams Find You" encapsulates the vibe that Brown wanted to convey with her latest album. The record was released in May and is also titled Sometimes Your Dreams Find You.

“What you think you will want at a certain time isn't necessarily what you end up wanting later,” she reflects.

Also a cardiologist at Vanderbilt University Medical Center in Nashville, Brown has recorded five albums as a solo artist.

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